Authentication and Authorization can be a headache for mobile apps. It can get pretty complicated and most developers are not experts in this area and do not understand how to implement them securely. Only too often we hear of security breaches caused because of flaws in the way authentication was implemented which can lead to the exposure of user information and company data and lead to significant financial cost as well as reputation damage. Microsoft’s ADB2C provides secure and flexible Authentication and Authorization as a service with easy client integration using MASL.

In this presentation David Allen describes authentication and authorization and the process they follow to ensure it is secure. He discusses how it can be easily and securely implement using ADB2C and the and short comings. He shows how to set up the B2C tenant with different Identity Providers and grant access rights to end points and services, and how to use MSAL in Xamarin mobile apps to authenticate and grant access via the B2C tenant. He will discuss how the authentication page may be customized to suit your UX/UI design and how ADB2C can support customized authentication flows.