Luis Beltran
Xamarin Certified Mobile Dev

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The development of Artificial Intelligence is increasingly present in our lives and as time goes by, its presence will grow thanks to the momentum that enterprises are currently providing.

One of the most engaging AI applications are chatbots, which allow users to interact in real-time with a smart entity which assists them to perform a task -such as booking a hotel, answering a question or looking for specific information on the Internet- while simulating that a real human is behind the scene.

This workshop will help attendees to build three things:

* A LUIS application capable of understand and process users’ messages to get the intention and important entities within the message.
* A web application which contains all the bot logic. This is built by using Bot Framework and will be published in Azure.
* A cross-platform mobile app built with Xamarin which makes use of the bot application by sending requests (from users) and listening to replies (from the bot).