Looking to convince your boss to foot the bill for the trip?

We got you covered. Use this email template as a baseline for your proposal:

Dear [your manager’s name],

I’d like your permission to attend the premiere Community-Run, Cross-platform, Mobile Developer Conference focused on Xamarin and the latest topics in mobile app development.

Xamarin Developer Summit will be held from July 11th to July 12th in Houston, Texas. Attending this conference will be beneficial for both my personal growth and our company’s knowledge in the following areas:

• Boost proficiency in the core topics of the conference:

– Mobile DevOps
– Optimizing Builds
– UI Testing and best practices
– Tools & Libraries to help accelerate Development
– Augmented Reality

* These are only a few of the topics.

• Find answers to our development questions and learn technical tips and tricks from architects, engineers, product leads and luminaries of the industry.

• Gain valuable hands-on experience that can be brought back to my team in day-long technical boot camps, self-paced labs and hackathons.

• Discover new, effective ways to reduce our company’s bills.

Domestic airfare estimate: $XXX
Lodging (Specify date range): $XXX
Registration fee: $XXX
Total: $XXX

After the conference, I’ll circulate a report that will include a summary of what I learned plus a set of recommendations to increase our team’s productivity and maximize our cloud investment.

Thank you for considering my request to attend this event.

Looking forward to your reply,

[your name]

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