Gregory Louis-Charles

Gregory Louis-Charles, is managing the leading the Xamarin charge at Delta with the development and delivery of employee-facing mobile solutions aligning with Delta’s vision to ‘Accelerate and scale enterprise mobile delivery.

Gregory has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the Information Technology and Mobility space, as a Product Manager, having taken several products to market. For the past 10 years focused on process improvement, capturing the user experience, creative thinking/design and developing impactful mobile apps.  He is proficient in process management, strategic planning, defining the delivery life cycle, team management, and creating high-velocity organizations.

Prior to joining Delta, Gregory was instrumental in the formation and expansion of the Xamarin mobility team at an Oil and Gas company in Houston.

Gregory has a degree in liberal arts with a concentration in Computer Science from American University, and an MBA in marketing from the University of Dallas.

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