Paul Schroeder
Project Manager

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Beware ye of dangers that lurk in “Exampleware” software! Do it right the first time – in a fraction of the time. Serious Xamarin business applications demand service-based, full stack, solutions. See how both Xamarin and Web apps can leverage a best practice plug-in architecture that tolerates change almost instantly. Witness the power of using code generation techniques to adapt and iterate in seconds. Come learn a few new tricks and up your professional game!

Be saved from the pitfalls of creating rigid, fragile, and tightly-coupled code that typically result in a false sense of expedience. Code generation will be used to automate patterns of repetitive tasks. Speed, quality, and scope can all be increased with the approach demonstrated. See how even small teams can tackle large enterprise projects that are easy to maintain and extend over time.
Consultants and developers tasked with creating proof-of-concept (POC) apps or a minimum viable product (MVP) also can leverage these “secrets” to quickly sling code. Templates are used that handle persistence classes, object models, interfaces, mappers, web API, data services, and sample data. This allows Xamarin developers to focus on user interface and business logic concerns.